Saturday, August 28, 2010

elizabeth's wedding

who doesn't love a good wedding??

remember me talking about my friend elizabeth's wedding that i got to be a part of at the end of july? well i just had to share this link to some pictures of the details of her big day. all i can say is that she is a creative genius! most adorable/elizabeth-like wedding ever!! check out her eye for details:


Jenn said...

First off....what FABULOUS wedding details!! She needs to be planning weddings! :)

Now Orphan Sunday... I approached my pastor with info/verses about adoption and orphans from the bible. Also told him stories of fund raising families that raised money in ways the ONLY GOD had His hand in to help further show how He has His heart for the orphans. Then sent him this link in email... so he could read and watch videos.

Prayers that your pastor is open to an Orphan Sunday idea! Keep me posted, I am totally interested!

Kathy R said...

First of all, I love your blog and following your adoption. My husband and I know adoption is somewhere in our future; we're just trusting God one step at at time now - and you are such an encouragement.

Anyways, ss soon as I saw the link to Lang's website, my heart skipped a beat. I must have missed your post in July about the wedding because I would have put two and two together. Elizabeth's sister is one of my best friends in the world - we went to Asbury together and I love her dearly. What a small world! I was even in town the week of the wedding for another one of our friends' weddings! And I have to say, Elizabeth's wedding seems like it was one of the most gorgeous weddings ever - those girls are amazing!

lesli said...

kathy, so fun!! it is such a small world :) emily is definitely a jewel! thanks for following along our journey. if you're in louisville sometime, we should have a get together with the lovely brown sisters!