Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sorry for the blog static. my family is in the boondocks of northeast georgia this week so i have had only limited access to the internet and phone. however, i have much to post about and much to get caught up on in my google reader!! we are having a great time but are very hot! no AC + hot georgia summer = one angry lesli. i do not like heat...

anyway, we've been staying busy so far this week and the boys are having a great time. i can't wait to post and get caught back up upon returning! thanks for still checking in on me. i haven't given up on the blog - just taking a short hiatus.

hope you're having a great week and are staying cooler than we are :)

ps - in my blogging absence i think you should read this post. it totally convicted me and i hope that the Lord can give me the strength to one day see R and P's mom the way He sees her...human, imperfect, but deeply loved.