Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the winners have been selected!

hey y'all. the winners of our giveaway have been selected and i'm in the process of notifying everyone and letting them choose their prizes. hopefully by tomorrow, everyone will have been notified so i can post the winners and their new swag :)

in other news, there is a lot going on right now for our family and for me at work so i'm hoping that i can continue to keep the blog updated and don't just fall off the face of the earth. just to give you a glimpse of my life right now though in case i do disappear, here's what we've got going just the remainder of this week and the following week:

-work conference for me today through friday in southern, indiana
-i'm heading to lexington thursday evening to celebrate a sweet college friend's upcoming nuptials!!
-thursday afternoon ryan will get fingerprinted for our adoption and friday afternoon i will get fingerprinted {yay, one more step down...}
-friday night and saturday afternoon i'm getting away with lindsay, elizabeth and emily to cincinnati to celebrate elizabeth's fast approaching special day
-ryan and i will face our fears monday morning and get our immunizations for ethiopia
-monday night we're hosting our first info meeting for our both hands project to benefit our adoption and a local widow {more about this soon...sorry i've put it off so long already!}
-tuesday afternoon we have a dreaded home visit with the boys' social worker
-next wednesday afternoon i have a dentist appointment - yuck!
-both next thursday & next friday i will be in a board meeting all day long
-saturday morning we're departing for a long await family trip to georgia!! {ps- any creeps that want to break in to our house while we're gone should be warned that we have 2 large, ferocious dogs and a house sitter so don't try to pull anything!}

so, i'm not saying this to sound like i'm just soooo busy or anything, but really just to say, that i apologize in advance for being m.i.a. for awhile. summers are a crazy time for everyone but in a way i'm glad because i think it will make our waiting period for ethiopia go by much quicker!


Amber said...

Southern Indiana...and you didn't call me!?!?!?!? ;0) Next time, you have to leave more time that you can work blogging buddies in! :0)
You are a busy girl...hoping it's all seamless. Safe travels!