Monday, July 12, 2010

drum roll please...

ok a few days late to say the least!! but here are the 5 lucky winners of our giveaway...

*winner #1: sarah {} chose the wax seal pendant necklace from harmonized creations & the $5 st@rbucks gift card~

sarah and i actually know each other from our college days at UK. she proceeded ryan as the emcee for campus crusade's thursday night meetings and set the bar rather high! in fact, i will never forget her showing a lovely picture of her childhood mullet one thursday night. check out her blog, maybe she'll post it up there too :) enjoy your pendant, sarah!

*winner #2: annie {} chose the autumn patchwork cuddle blanket from buffaloclover & a short-sleeved personalized tee from littlehousetees

annie and i go way back to our high school days. after college, we both ended back up at home and it's been fun to keep up with our latest adventures in parenting together. annie and her husband, eli have an adorable little cutie named hannah, and annie likes to blog too. hope hannah loves her new goodies!

*winner #3: nichole chose the lovely $35 gift certificate to the moonlight doodles' shop~

i have never met nichole but she was sweet enough to donate to help us bring our little one home, so i'm glad she won something special. {i wish all y'all who've helped could have won though...}. thanks again, nichole!! keep checking back for more updates on our little guy or gal :)

*winner #4: melissa {} chose one of our one less orphan tees
i've never met melissa either, just in the blogging world, but she's a fellow adoptive mom waiting to get a kiddo home from ethiopia. it's been great to "meet" so many other waiting moms through blogging and to read our shared concerns, joys, etc. melissa has a great blog and is working to put together her own giveaway/fundraiser from junk posse, so you should check it out in the next few days!!

*winner #5: lindsay {} won the $25 gift certificate to for His glory designs' shop~

lindsay is a new blogging friend too! she has a great blog as well with something called "terrific tip tuesday". i love that :) i need a good tip everyone once in awhile {understatement of the year}. lindsay, i hope you enjoy your gift certificate to bethany's shop!
Nursing Cover  -Amy Butler French Wallpaper fabric - Ready to Ship



Lindsayb-mo said...

Thank you so much Lesli! I'm excited to get my nursing cover! What a great giveaway!