Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm BACK!

ok, i'm back in town but still out of sorts! how can it be that i get home, get settled in for a week and then am off again? not really great planning on my behalf, that's how!

right now i'm knee deep in laundry, dishes, and vacuuming trying to reclaim my house now that we've mostly unpacked. truth be told though, my suitcase is the only one left to be dealt with. i had the boys unpacked by saturday night. my suitcase however is still currently in the middle of the living room and i'm not sure it will even move from there until i'm ready to ship out a week from today. the one thing i did right in the packing process was to wash all the clothes that i could before leaving georgia so i think i'll just pick and choose which things to leave in my suitcase and then add other stuff i need for afghanistan as the week progresses. i've never been a very good packer but i think that idea's bound to be straight out of the-idiots-guide-to-packing-and-then-repacking! i'm hoping that by the time we get the green light to go to ethiopia twice, i'll be a pro at this :)

anyways, besides packing, the only other thing holding up my trip next week is my visa. we're still waiting on visas to be issued for me and 2 other ladies. once we get those, i think i'll finally be able to breathe easier. you'd think after seeing so many teams have visa delays yet get them in the nick of time that i wouldn't stress out so much each time, but i definitely still do! please pray that the visas will come through without a hitch so we can get on our way. i can't wait to get to a-stan to hug my friends, see the changes in the communities since my last trip and to love on some sweet kiddos.

7 days and counting!