Friday, July 30, 2010

a wedding, a visa, and an approval!

*a wedding:

ok, so today's a crazy busy day. my dear and sweet, long time friend, elizabeth, is gettin' hitched! i'm so excited to join her and her soon-to-be hubby, matt, as part of their bridal party :) as i've mentioned before, elizabeth and i have known each other since 6th grade and she is still a joy to have as a friend! despite not going to the same college and living in different cities for 4 years, we both moved back home around 2 years ago and easily picked up where we left off. she is super crafty and so every single detail of her wedding has been so well thought out! i can't wait until it all comes together today. although, eabs and matt hosted a killer rehearsal dinner last night at an adorable local restaurant so i'm dragging a little bit today. who knew that 1 glass of wine, great friends, yummy food, and wedded bliss could make this old lady so tired :) we got in bed around 11:30 p.m. and if saw me, you'd think i'd been out until at least 2:00 a.m. "late nights" just aren't the same as they were in college!

so, now that i'm armed with my diet coke, i'm trying to get a little pep in my step before all the festivities begin. we're headed to the salon around 11:00 to get our hair 'did' and to relax with a little lunch before heading to the ceremony site. at 3:00 we'll start pictures at then just hang out until the ceremony starts at 6:30. eeekk! i can't wait :)

i actually packed my camera for once so i'll try to get a few shots to share in the next few days!

*a visa:
hallelujah, my visa for @fghanistan got issued yesterday!! i've been having a bit of a panic attack all week because we were still waiting on it and i thought we might have to cancel or postpone the trip. however, we are in the clear!! i've begun packing here and there when i have time so i'm getting really excited. {yes, my suitcase is still sitting in my living room.}

i'm looking forward to getting to know my teammates better and to just getting there. i leave on monday but won't actually make it to @-stan until wednesday, as it's a LONG trip! i don't usually mind long flights as long as i have nice seat mates, a good book and a chance to sleep so i hope this trip doesn't change my mind. we've got 2 more long trips coming up hopefully in the next 6 months to ethiopia so i'm just considering this a practice run for having to do this with a baby...

*an approval:
on wednesday we got the long awaited paper telling us that we're approved by USCIS {citizenship and immigration} to adopt! only 3 months of waiting and a chunk of change later :) the best part about it though was what happened after i got it from the mailbox and realized what it was... i started jumping up and saying, "woohoo, woohoo!", to which R sweetly asked me, "did we get a referral?". i told him no and explained what the paper said, but it was so sweet to hear him say "we" about our referral! ryan and i have tried very hard to help him understand that he and P will always be a part of our family in one sense or another. i'm so glad he feels included in what's happening with our adoption and not threatened by us adding another child to the family!


Darcee said...

Wehoooooo! Soooo Glad you head from the USCIS! CONGRATS!!! I am still patiently waiting! :)

P.S. ♥ LOVE ♥ your BLOG! :)

Life with Lucy said...

PTL! One step closer!!!

Amber said...

Lesli-I am sending you a high-5 and hugs.

R's sweet comment melted my heart. You've done a Godly job of making those boys at your home and in your heart. LOVE it!!


Meliski said...

Woo-HOO Congrats on the approval!