Wednesday, August 5, 2009

adventures in vacation part 3. & fost/adopt update

on tuesday morning, we left georgia and headed to florida to meet up with some friends for some r&r by the beach. we had been planning this trip for several months so we had taken a lot of time to examine our travel options. we looked into flying the whole way, driving down and flying back, flying down and driving back, driving the whole way, etc. after much debate, we decided that it was cheapest and easiest to just rent a car in georgia and drive down to florida, then ride back from florida with our friends. **CHEAPEST being the key word here. ryan is thrify to say the least. anytime he can save a few pennies, he will.

so, tuesday morning we hit the road about 8:30 a.m. and were making great time, plus we were going to gain an hour when we got to destin. we stopped for breakfast, a quick lunch and one other bathroom stop but hadn't hit any traffic or construction so we were pleased. however, about 40 miles from the florida state line, i stupidly announced, "this has been the smoothest trip ever!" - famous last words. ryan immediately reprimanded me for stating something so bold before we made it to our destination... murphy's law - about 15 miles down the road, ryan is driving 73 mph in what we assumed was a 65 mph zone. he spots a cop coming the opposite way and doesn't even really brake because he doesn't assuming he's really speeding that much.

then, to both of our dismay, the lovely alabama state trooper flips on his lights and turns around. the car behind ryan begins to slow a little and i think we off the hook, but once again, i assume something too soon. the trooper speeds in front of the guy behind us and motions for ryan and the other vehicle to both pull over. now, i love a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal as much as the next girl but this is not my ideal BOGO scenario. our friendly state trooper slapped ryan and our friend behind us BOTH with a fabulous ticket for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. stupid me, i should have kept my mouth shut!!

now, the icing on the cake happened about 25 miles up the road when we passed this sign:


foster to adopt update:
we are approved and still waiting for a placement. after a lot of prayer, we really feel like we are supposed to wait and see what happens with a placement through foster care rather than just trying to adopt from foster care without fostering first. over the past few weeks we have inquired on many kids that are available for adoption and have not gotten a good response. many of the children's workers did not return our calls at all or if they did, would not recommend them as a match for us because of their severe behavioral problems and our lack of parenting experience. (lack of parenting experience feels like a major understatement!)

anyways, we are at peace with this decision and are currently just praying to have the right child or children placed in our home in God's timing. we would rather wait a little longer for the right child than try to pursue a child on our own that may not be the child God has in store for us. waiting is never fun but thankfully, we are both pretty busy right now so that is helping keep our mind off things.