Thursday, August 13, 2009

come home soon

sweet child of mine, how i wish i knew you already, or even knew your name! we pray for your safety, comfort, and health constantly but only know to call you "baby". i look at the blank walls of our nursery where i want so badly to scroll your name, but i don't even know what to write. i cannot tell you how many times i've stood in an aisle looking at baby stuff wondering what size clothes you'll need, or even what colors to buy. we have a closet full of blue hand-me-downs for you that we wonder if we'll soon be trading out for pink. we long for you to come home and sleep a night in your crib, finally - safe and sound. we dream of what you will look like, smell like and sound like, but can only dream for now. we wonder what your favorite foods will be, how long it will take you to sleep through the night, how you will like the dogs, and if you will be happy here. we wonder how much of your first family you will remember and if you'll be scared that the neglect or abuse will continue here as well. we pray that you will feel safe and comfortable and home. for months we have thought about how sweet it will be to call you our son or daughter, no matter how long we have the privilege of loving you for. we are willing to take a risk for you but only because He has taken a huge risk on us. YOU are so worth it and we can't wait to meet you! come home soon!!!


Katie said...

Lesli, this is really sweet to read. Right before my parents dropped me off in Murray when I was a freshman, they gave me a journal that my mom wrote in from the time they started the adoption process til the time I graduated high school and moved away from home. I know that your baby is very luck to have you two. =)

Hope said...

I remember this feeling.

Soon. It will come soon.

You're going to be so great, you can tell it's in your heart!