Friday, August 21, 2009

placements DO happen!!

**SORRY, meant to post this on thursday, and must not have hit the "publish post" button**

our friends got a placement this week!!!! we have been praying for them to find the right match for about 5 months now and we are sooooooooooo happy for them. they got a sweet little 2 month old girl, and she is an absolute doll. we got to visit with them tuesday night when she came home and are really looking forward to getting to know her better. after hearing about their placement experience and seeing their sweet baby girl's face, things are starting to feel really, really real :) imagine that.

tuesday night, i hardly slept for more than an hour straight at a time. something about seeing that kids DO actually get placed and walking through this journey with our friends, made things feel less like a dream for us. while we've had the nursery ready for months now, the thought that a baby could be sleeping in OUR crib any day now just sends me in a stir of emotions. i laid in bed wondering if we're really ready to be parents, or if we'll know the best parenting techniques, or how to properly discipline, or how to raise our kids to love the Lord, etc. then i realized that not only do i have all those things to consider, but also the added scare factors that come along with parenting through the foster care system. YIKES!

anyways, for now, i'm trying to stay focused on other things and see how our lives can bring glory to God during this period of waiting. (but boy, is it hard!!!)


Jennifer said...

Congrats to your friends!! As a mother of two little boys, I had all the same fears worrying about how to be a good parent, would I raise my children right, would I be able to teach them everything they need to know. It all comes to you, all the things you fret over will just come naturally. You'll do what feels right, and with added prayer and support from family everything will fall into place.

God bless!!