Tuesday, July 28, 2009

adventures in vacation part 2.

we spent monday of our vacation week at lake hartwell which runs in both georgia & south carolina. we all had fun but the boys had the most fun of all! here's an idea of what grown men will do when suffering from heat exhaustion:

they thought it would be clever to swim to shore and make a raft for 5 people out of a large piece of styrofoam they found

they paddled with their feet and all the extra life jackets

then, in true "survivor" fashion, they one by one started selecting people to kick off the island - uncle matthew was first, and ryan was nearly second but managed to hang on at the last minute while my cousin josh fell in

there were now only 3 left - ryan, my brother, stuart, and my brother-in-law, jason (the one with the crazy, i will push you in, face going on)

yep, you guessed it- ryan was finally thrown in leaving only stuart and jason. i bet you have an idea of where this is going next...

this makes me smile, especially considering that little stu tried to annoy me during the whole previous day of traveling. what goes around, comes around little brother :)

the remaining champion and his many life jackets!!

while not the winner of the bizarre, man/floating piece of styrofoam competition, my sweet husband remained unscathed. he was still pleased with his performance and gave a big smile to the onlookers :)