Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lions, tigers, and diaper bags, OH MY!!

yesterday i was on the prowl - the shopping prowl. i sometimes get into this weird obsessive online shopper mode, and yesterday i felt it coming on. i've been thinking for awhile now about what it will be like to get "the call" - you know, the one with the right child or children, where we can say, "YES, YES, YES!! we're coming to get he/she/they right now!!" anyways, every time i think about this, i imagine racing out the door with car seat in hand, stroller packed neatly in the car and armed with a diaper bag full of necessities that every prepared mom has ready and waiting. only, yesterday i remembered that there is one glitch in my plan...i have no diaper bag!

as ridiculous as it sounds, considering anyone who knows me, knows i have a slue of oversized bags that i try to pass off as purses - i really began to worry yesterday about not having said diaper bag. i'm sure i could easily use one of my many "purses" if i needed to, but something about having an unofficial diaper bag made me feel like an unofficial mom. maybe it's this first time parent thing, but i want to be prepared (well, at least in the arenas that i can be prepared in).

so, all this diaper bag drama led me to a shopping frenzy. i began searching countless websites to find people's opinion on "the best diaper bag in the whole wide world and of all times, because such a thing definitely has to exist". and...i found it!! ok, so maybe it's not the bag that is the best in the whole wide world and of all times, but i found one i really like. i debated quite a bit and jumped back and forth to mommy blogs and other review sites to see what people think, but i went ahead and splurged on this one. it's made by baby bee bags, and the style is "eglan". i got the black and white dreams pattern since our travel system is black, silver and red, and we don't know if we're getting a little boy, little girl or both. (a little feminine, i know, but that's how i roll!!)

since i am now a diaper bag aficionado, let me tell you some of the features that i loved about this bag:

1. i love BIG bags. i don't know why, i just do! maybe it's some kind of power complex i have because i'm only 5'2" or something, but i just love them - and this one is just that! 13"H x 15"W x 6"D -- plenty of room for extras like my cell phone, lipgloss, a hair brush, flatiron, jewelry, extra pair of flip flops, changes of clothes, burp cloths, bibs, plastic bags for stinky diapers, toys, snacks, etc.

2. this bag is soooo versatile. all the straps are removable, and it can be worn as a backpack, messenger bag, shoulder bag or stroller bag. now, i don't love the idea of the backpack as a fashion statement, BUT, desperate times call for desperate measures. carrying a heavy baby on one hip and a heavy diaper bag on the other is not my idea of a good time!

3. the bags has 2 external and 2 internal stretchy storage pockets for sippy cups or bottles. i know i will totally be that crazy lady fishing in the bag across the car for a bottle (considering i already do that in my purse for my cell phone), so having the external bottle pockets is always nice. it also has a pacifier holder clip so you can easily locate that as well.

4. it has a detachable pouch with a shoulder strap where you can store your keys, an extra diaper and small pack of wipes in case you want to just run in somewhere quickly and not take the whole bag. i seriously love this! even though big bags are my thing, there is a time and place when that's just not appropriate, so having a built in diaper pod and place to throw my keys on a quick errand will be great.

5. there is a front zipper compartment that unzips into a removable diaper changing pad. thankfully, the changing pad is also completely washable! i may have rethought things if not :)

6. finally, there are magnetic closures on this bag so you don't have to bother with loud velcro every time you just about get the baby to sleep but need something from the bag.

anyways, maybe these features are pretty run of the mill, but according to my research (i'm a total geek, i know!), i think i did pretty good! now, i just hope it gets here soon and so does a sweet bundle to love :)

ps- no more internet shopping for me for awhile! i thought my head would start spinning around if i didn't find a coupon code so i could at least get a good deal on the bag - but after a long and hard search, i finally did!!! woot!


Jennifer said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love bags too! I have 6 bags so far for my little Tucker, and he's only 6 months old. Each time I see a new one I have to try really, really hard to walk away!