Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend recap

we had a great but busy weekend. i was hoping to blog some, but that just didn't happen! so here's how our weekend went:

late friday night, ryan returned from a week long business trip, and boy was i glad :) i don't like him being gone that long but it was especially hard because last week was his 7th consecutive week being gone for work. usually he's only gone 2 nights at a time, but it still stinks! it's funny though because i used to be soooo scared to be home alone and now i don't even think about it any more. everyone told me that having kids in the house would help but i didn't really believe them until now. it really does help!!

saturday morning, i went bridesmaids' dress shopping for my friend eabs' upcoming july wedding. she picked out a beautiful dress for us and we got them ordered since we're in a bit of a time crunch. afterwards, we went and grabbed a quick lunch together and got to talk design details for the wedding. it's going to be fabulous and i'm super excited for elizabeth! it also made me totally want to get married all over again...(*to the same guy, of course!*) i loved wedding planning but i wish i would have had more time to put into it. unfortunately, at the time i was taking 18 hours of class so i could graduate early and working 25 hours/week. there just weren't enough hours in the day!

after lunch, i met my boys at the barber shop for a much needed triple hair cut. yes, i said triple hair cut...ryan, R and little P included! sweet P really doesn't have too much hair in front, but the back was starting to look like a bad cross between a rat tail and a mullet, so i couldn't take it much longer. i of course snapped a ton of pictures and got to keep some of P's hair for his life book. if i can get around to it, i'll post some pictures from his big day!

later saturday night, we were supposed to go bowling with my family to celebrate ryan's birthday but we couldn't get in at any bowling alleys that didn't have at least an hour wait. who knew bowling alleys are such a popular saturday night hang out? we finally gave up on the bowling idea and just went somewhere for dinner where he opened presents and had cake. ryan was super pumped because he got another gift certificate to a local golf shop, so i'm sure i'm in for a looooong golf season this year!

sunday, we went to church and had a low key afternoon. i have been a huge crafting kick lately so i spent most of the afternoon working on various sewing projects before rushing off to a meeting at church. after the meeting at church, i joined the boys at ryan's parents' house for his birthday celebration with them. ryan's mom made her delicious baked spaghetti that ryan requested and we got to hang out and celebrate with them for awhile. ryan's parents gave him the long awaited blu ray player he's been asking for forever. it will stream netflix movies directly to the player, so ryan's under the impression that we're going to be watching movies all the time now...i guess we'll wait and see. we don't exactly love the same type of movies so it sounds like i'll just be doing a lot more sleeping on the couch while ryan's watching movies :)

all in all, it was a great weekend. i love just spending quality time with my guys, and got the added bonus of our extended families too!