Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so, where are we in the process?

we are on our way to getting this adoption started, but just barely! we have been preliminarily approved by our agency, sent in all our background check paperwork, and sent just sent in a big packet of paperwork for our home study this week. i was so excited about getting the ball rolling that i even took a picture of the packet as i weighed it for the mail label at the post office :)

we still have a lot of paperwork and waiting to do, but i'm glad that we're one step closer each day!


Trish said...

I remember all too well those packs of papers to fill out! Neat idea to take a pic of it! I would also recommend a personal journal so that you could pass it onto your child(ren) when they are older so they would see your innermost prayers, thoughts, and excitement! We did it for all three! Can't wait to hear more!

JT and Natalie said...

Lesli~ I saw you are a follower of our blog! What agency are you using? I have enjoyed reading your blog!