Friday, March 12, 2010

happy friday!

this has been a pretty typical week for us - 1) busy. 2) ryan out of town for work again.

i'm getting very used to life this way, and i'm actually having a hard time thinking about what life will be like once the boys are gone and once ryan stop traveling so much. especially once the boys are gone...i think our house will be too quiet, too clean and too boring. not looking forward to it!

anyways, we're gearing up for another action-packed weekend! tonight ryan will get home just in time for me to scoot over to a get together for women from our church. tomorrow, R will be presenting his science fair project at regionals all day long, while ryan and i attend an adoption seminar. after the seminar, we will pick up P from my in-laws' and go to the public viewing and awards for the science fair. after that, we're off to dinner and then home to relax for the rest of the evening. who know's, maybe we'll even get to finally watch a blu-ray movie on ryan's long-awaited blu-ray player?!? sunday, we have church and possible lunch with our small group and the haitian refugee family our group has "adopted". after lunch, it's off to my youngest niece, mikenna's 6th b-day party at a gymnastics place.

should be a fun weekend!! hope your's is too :)