Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sick little guy

we had an eventful weekend with little P! he's not been feeling too great for at least a week and a half now, but hopefully we're on the up and up now after two visits to the pediatrician and a trip to the children's hospital on friday night. all the doctors agree that he just has some pretty bad allergies and a sinus infection, which i didn't know 10 months olds could even get. i took him to the ER on friday because he had a high fever and the shakes. upon going through triage, we found out that his temperature had gone up to 105 degrees!! i was super freaked out and felt so bad for him! he's so fair complected that his skin was red all over.

thankfully, after a good dose of prayer, tylenol, some chest x-rays, observation, and lots of tears {P's and almost mine}, his fever came down and we got to go home. he's still not himself but he's feeling much better. also, i'm pretty sure that i've also increased my right arm strength after all the time i've spent holding him lately! i'm hoping that we've turned the corner and our life can resume as it once was and our little guy will be feeling like himself again.

got to love living in the bluegrass state during allergy season!!