Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so yesterday, i met with a true visionary. i am so fortunate to have a job, church, family, friends, etc. that are all amazing and pour into me spiritually, and yesterday was no exception. i got to meet with david weston, a man truly after Christ's own heart. he was in town to speak at perspectives ( at SECC, and has been working in central asia and other places for over 17 years. we were meeting with him to discuss some of the projects we have been working on in afghanistan, and specifically our work in B.A., which is our returning refugee community.

it was so inspiring to talk to someone that lives a life of reckless abandonment for Christ. hearing his story about being ran out of towns (literally - by foot...running) in northern afghanistan because of his faith, shook me up. it really made me think, what am i really sacrificing for the furtherance of the gospel? i live in a comfort house, a quiet neighborhood, speak the same language as everyone around me, can pick-up food at a local grocery store, drive to work (even though it's less than 2 miles), etc. it made me really sit back and wonder, what will i have to show for my life when it's over???

now don't get me wrong...i understand that it is not by works but by faith that i have been saved, but still, come on people, let's get something done while we're here!! i don't know what specifically God is going to call me to do and what corner of the world it will be in, but i just don't want to miss it!