Friday, November 14, 2008

exhibit hall junkie

(so, i think i'm coming down with a little cold or something. of all times, too! well, i guess there never really is a convenient time for a cold.)

this week, we (aka - the unspecified, non-profit organization i work for) have been exhibiting at the global missions health conference here in louisville and i seriously think that i am an undercover exhibit hall junkie!! i really love it! i like getting to talk to a variety of people from all different backgrounds and hearing about their work too. maybe i could become like a professional trade show person, and travel the country working various trade shows for people that don't like to work their own booths. hmmmm...maybe there's a future for me :) well, that may not be real conducive to have a family so that plan might have to go on the back burning until my kids are in college.

anyways, i have really enjoyed the conference so far. it's much larger than i was thinking it was going be and it is full of amazing speakers, organizations, etc. i feel really blessed to be a part of such an amazing industry that is dedicated to doing God's work for people throughout the world!

so, my plans for the rest of the weekend are:
-dinner with my grandparents who are up from chattanooga, tn
-bowling and bonfire with church folks tonight ( permitting
-cleaning the house
-work the conference again tomorrow
-maybe going to the rodeo on saturday night
-skipping church sunday morning for a service with my family where we are sprinkling my uncles ashes (not sure about this one yet. i've never had such an experience and am admittedly, a little freaked out...)
-having a lazy sunday afternoon around the house so i can caught up on all my tv shows i've 'dvr'ed

Have a great one!