Monday, November 10, 2008

home sweet home

so i took a hiatus from blogging, mostly because i wasn't feeling too inspired. not that i'm feeling too inspired right now, but here i am, ready to face the world of blogging again...

most of my time currently has been spent trying to get the rest of our house pulled together. for those of you who are just tuning in or don't already know, we have been in moving/remodeling mode since moving back to louisville in may. actually, we have officially been residing at the beloved 2107 for 6 MONTHS today!! it feels like a lifetime...but i guess for me, it has been :) people always ask me if it feels weird to now own the house i grew up in, but it honestly just doesn't. it feels pretty natural. i just wonder what will happen when we have a housefull of kids (yes folks, i said it...i WANT A HOUSEFULL OF KIDS someday!!). ryan seems to think that we are going to live there until we die, but i know deep down that he'll change his mind when we've got kids and dogs spilling out of every nook & cranny. he'll be singing a different tune then and happily putting a "for sale" sign in the yard.

anyways, the kitchen is complete, minus our new window treatments that we are still waiting on, and figuring out something to do with our kitchen table. our current table is pub height and it's time for it to go!! eventually, we would like to move the kitchen light fixture and put in a booth table but that's gonna have to wait for awhile as the kitchen fund has run dry. we are also almost completely done with the office except for hanging a few pictures and last minute beautifying. unfortunately, after all we have accomplished in the last 6 months, we still have about 10 boxes of junk to unpack! i cannot figure out what could possibly be left in boxes, but apparently there is more. bummer. at least i know what i'll be doing over the next few weeks as ryan starts working crazy holiday hours...

here's a few pics of our remodeling journey:

(before - aka: dark and creepy)

(demo day 1)

(soon to be new/smaller office)

(a clean slate)

(a seriously exciting day!! new cabinets, floor and paint...almost there)

new pics to come...whenever my lazy self actually downloads them from the camera :)

cheers y'all~