Thursday, November 20, 2008

boycott commercialized Christmas

34 days until Christmas, and counting!

can you even believe it?!? i sure can't! in fact, i have to be honest...i've kinda come to dread the Christmas season. this year will mark ryan's 4th Christmas working retail sales, and "joy to the world" is not exactly my sentiment when thinking about Christmas from a seasonal perspective.

*(now don't get me wrong, i am more than thankful that Christ was born into this world to save me and everyone else from our sin - so i am strictly talking about the commercialism surrounding Christmas, not Christ's birth!)

every october seems to bring me an increasing sense of dread. i know that the time of year is coming again when i can kiss my hubby goodbye for at least 6 weeks as he sells his soul to the beloved* (sarcasm implied), hhgregg. as his hours increase, so do our patience for each other. it seems that no matter how prepared we are for it, we are never prepared enough. while the paychecks are a huge help, i would just rather have my husband back!

black friday is just the beginning, but it is obviously the hardest day of all. poor ryan and his fellow co-workers have to report for duty at 4am and are not allowed to leave until at least 11pm...not even for a food break. on what is supposed to be one of the laziest days of the year, ryan is working his tail off (which makes it awful hard for me to not feel guilty about my 'day after thanksgiving' afternoon nap).

anyways, all this to say...maybe this year its time to BOYCOTT COMMERCIALIZED CHRISTMAS!!!! rebell against the system and JUST SAY NO TO BLACK FRIDAY!..ok, that may be a little dramatic. no but really, just remember this Christmas season as your shopping for the perfect gifts to hug a salesman and say thanks for their service.