Tuesday, November 25, 2008

coming soon to a mailbox & tv near you!

*two things:
1- i FINALLY ordered the sweeney family Christmas cards!!! this is quite a production because it takes me a painfully long time to decide which card to order every year. there are too many adorable card sites and it always comes down to choosing between 3 of my favorites. anyways, i finally just bit the bullet and went ahead with one since i need to get them in the mail asap. too bad i always realize when trying to put together our card that me and ryan never take pictures together. maybe this will change when we have kids...or lose weight? :)

2- as embarrassing as it is to admit, i almost cried when i saw this:

coming to a tv near you on Jan. 5!!!

on abc's website there is even a countdown for junkies like me (currently 41 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes until the 2 hour season premier of mindless bliss!). pathetic, i know...