Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stand-in mommy

an opinionated/bossy 6 year old girl + a hyper/attention seeking 4 year old girl + 
a needy/throw-up covered 3 month old boy = one fun tuesday night!!!

phew...seriously, i applaud all the mothers out there!  parenting is no joke.  tonight i have the pleasure of being "stand-in mommy" for my sister's 3 crazy, i mean, lovely children.  after a busy day at the office, we completed the kiddie drop around 5:30, and the kids were mine.  (my parents, sister and brother-in-law drove to Cincy tonight for an Eagles concert...snore)

ryan and i took the kids to a nutritious dinner at steak-n-shake, and even managed to make it through the whole meal with no fighting, spills, or anything of that kind.  we did however get several dirty looks from some of our fellow steak-n-shakers.  i guess they just couldn't understand why two 23 year olds would have 3 kids already, but oh well!

after dinner, it was back out to my sister's house for baths, feeding sam, blowing drying hair, feeding sam, reading, feeding sam, unpacking lunch boxes, feeding baby sam, tucking kids in bed, feeding sam...rinse and repeat.  with one more feeding left, i think i can finally say that we have survived the night.  hopefully jenn will be back before sam wakes up for his middle of the night feeding because that may be more than i am ready to handle!!  seriously, parents rock.

of to play supper nanny.  night y'all.