Friday, August 26, 2011

missing ethiopia today

i can't stop thinking about ethiopia the last few days. not sure what it is, maybe just God's way of reminding me not to forget the sights, smells and people that impacted my life 5 months ago. on days like this, i find myself flipping through our pictures more frequently and praying for the country: for those who are unable to put food on the table for their babies, for the friends we met there, and for all the fatherless children.

aside from obviously bringing our sweet boy home, i'm still not sure how God is going to use our time in ethiopia for His glory in the future, but i sure hope He will!

it's no secret that we'd love to go back to ethiopia, for missions and/or to adopt again, but we're still praying about the how and when of such things. although after looking at these pictures one more time, i sure hope it's soon!!


Stacy said...

I know exactly how you feel ;)


I am teary eyed looking at these photos. I can't wait to go back either. James going back last week made me feel good...and jealous all at the same time!

Kim said...

I miss Ethiopia every single day! I can't WAIT to get back there!