Friday, August 19, 2011

confessions friday

so it's friday and i think it's time for me to join in on the confessions friday fun. here goes nothing!

*i confess that lately i don't even slap on any makeup at all most days. in fact, i'm lucky if i get out of my pajamas and do something decent with my hair! so, that means if you decide to show up at my house unannounced, don't be surprised if i look scary when i answer the door! flip flops and a little lip gloss really are about as good as it gets on most days :)

*i confess that about once a week, i do usually decide to put on makeup and normal clothes just to take the kids to t@rget. not because i necessarily need anything, but mostly just so i can have a bit of my former t@rget loving self back and because i just need to get out of the house. lately i've been reading a lot {i know i'm way behind, but i just started "the help" and LOVE it!} so i like to peruse the book aisles, check out the kids sale clothes, and hit up the new fresh market our store just got.

*i confess that on said t@rget trips, greer now immediately asks, "snack?" upon me placing him in the cart before entering the store. whoops. i guess i started a bad habit with the whole bribing him with a little treat from the snack bar thing so i can prolong my shopping adventure!

*i confess that for the first time in about a year, i've actually cooked for our family about 4 out of 5 weeknights for the last 3 weeks. that's a major record for me! i enjoy cooking but just never really had time or the desire to put in the prep work that it takes.

*i confess that because of my latest cooking spree, i actually unearthed my crock pot and used it for the second time ever! we got it as a wedding gift, and i used it once to cook for ryan while we were engaged. that meal didn't go so well, so i haven't pulled it out since. after a serious cleaning, i've truly learned to love and respect the crock pot now :)

*i confess that i need some more healthy and yummy crock pot recipes so if you've got any, let me know. if they're good, ryan and greer will be forever grateful!!

*i confess that i'm actually writing this thursday night and am exhausted, so that's all i've got for today.

tgif y'all!!


Jon & Bethany said...

Love it Lesli!!! So cute!