Friday, August 12, 2011

everything went great!

greer's surgery went great on thursday and he is just about back to his normal self! thanks for praying for our family. we could definitely feel your prayers as the day went so smoothly.

despite all my concerns, the time leading up to the surgery was fine and none of greer's food issues really came into play. we woke him up at 5:00 am the morning to get the only real meal he was allowed prior to surgery. although, we were also given clearance by the anesthesiologist to give him jello and other clear liquids up to 2 hours prior to his appointment, so he also ate a 2nd breakfast complete with tons of jello and sprite. i'm not sure he knew what to think but he definitely enjoyed it!

his surgery was scheduled for 1:45 pm at the outpatient center of our local children's hospital. we were asked to check-in around 1:00 pm, so we got there in plenty of time since we did not want to be late. unfortunately, it wasn't until we arrived at the hospital that they informed us that the doctor was running extremely late himself. in fact, around 1:15 pm, we found out that the other family in the waiting room with us was there for a surgery at 11:45 pm with the same doctor. knowing that greer was already super hungry and that we know had several extra hours to wait, i wasn't very excited at this news, but greer did great! we played in the toy room, cruised the halls of the hospital in his little car, and even got him to take about an hour nap on his daddy's shoulder while we waited.

around 4:00 pm the nurses finally called us back to our room so that greer could get in his little hospital gown and drink some "silly juice" prior to being taken back.

the nurses told us that the silly juice would induce an amnesia-like state so that he wouldn't remember being separated from us or being put to sleep. hearing that relieved some of our fears and the medicine had us cracking up once it started taking effect. greer was laughing hysterically, blowing spit bubbles, saying "cheese" over and over again, and being hilarious overall. at one point i thought, he was going to fall off the bed because ryan was having such a hard time holding on to him! here he is being his crazy self :)

once they took him back for surgery, it was only about an hour before he was all done and already awake in recovery. he was super groggy and grouchy, but that was to be expected. we got to take him home after about 30 minutes in recovery and he slept in the car for most of the trip home. as soon as we got home, he woke up and was ready to eat. he pretty much ate until the cows came home and then was more than ready for bed!!

overall, the day went as smoothly as i could ask. ryan and i were both obviously relieved that his first surgery experience was over and were thankful for the Lord's protection of him.


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

So glad everything went smooth! such a sweet little guy!