Monday, August 8, 2011

i'm BACK!

that's right...i'm blogging! can you believe it?? {if any one is still out there...bueller?}

i had no clue that it has been over 2 months since i've blogged! while one part of me is sad that i've neglected this little bloggy so badly, the other can't really apologize since i've spent every waking hour in the last few months kissing babies!! MY babies, that is :)

one word can easily sum up my last few months, and that is JOY. {the other word is diapers}

time has flown though. i can't believe that our little charlotte is now quickly approaching 3 months old. much less that greer has already been home 4+ months! i feel like i have so much to fill you in on! don't worry, i have many pictures of my 2 cuties to come :)

we are blessed beyond measure, and parenting both of our kiddos is everything and more than i dreamed it would be. sure there are days that are tough...especially in the beginning when i was adjusting to parenting 2 little ones, but thankfully, the good days are by far outweighing the bad! i love being home with the kids and filling my days with obnoxiously loud toys, dancing around to silly kids' songs, and strolling around the neighborhood with our ginormous bus of a stroller.

as weird as it would have seemed a few months ago, there are many days now where i don't even crack open my computer. however, since my memory is less than stellar and because i miss all you, i've decided to try to dedicate myself to blogging some again. i love just putting to paper the keyboard all the things rolling around in my head, especially when i go several hours out the day with no real adult conversation! plus, i really want to be able to use this blog to look back on how much my kids have grown and changed, and also how God has moved within our family over the years.

so, all that being said, let's consider this a new chapter for good ole' flip flops and lip gloss. no more wishing, waiting, hoping and praying for my son in ethiopia or my daughter in the womb. all the sweeneys are now accounted for and right where i like them...TOGETHER!

{ps - please excuse my technical difficulties on the blog header. i'm under construction and should be getting revamped in the next week or so.}


my life: said...

Welcome back sweet friend!!! I'm so glad to read that you have been doing exactly what you SHOULD be doing...loving on your babes!!!
I can't wait to see lots of yummy pics :0)