Wednesday, August 10, 2011

surgery tomorrow

this little cutie is headed to surgery tomorrow :(

nothing major...just taking care of some male issues that weren't taken care of when he was born in ethiopia. i'm definitely a nervous momma tonight and am praying that tomorrow goes perfectly!!

if you think of it, we'd appreciate your prayers too. i'm praying especially for the surgeon, for our little guy's recovery, and for a smooth day tomorrow prior to the surgery. greer still has some food related issues that we're dealing with {examples - NEVER being "full" and constantly asking "more PLEASE!", and throwing a fit if you ever deny him food - even if he just ate}, so the thought of him not being able to eat all day leading up to his surgery at 3:00 pm really worry me. he can eat his last solids at 5:45 am tomorrow morning, so we're planning on getting him up around 5:00 am for a super early breakfast. i'm also praying that somehow he'll understand that we aren't denying him food just to be mean but only because we have to :(

thanks for praying for our little g-man!


Justin and Donna Brown said...

That is so hard! We have had to do that with Zoey a few times when she needed sedation. I will be praying that going without food is not too stressful for him and for you!