Wednesday, November 25, 2009


so the bug got us...the stomach bug that is! my nieces and sister had it last week, my dad and ryan got it on saturday, and i got it on sunday night and monday. i'm feeling more like myself today finally though! still a little queasy from time to time and a little scared to eat much, which really stinks considering that thanksgiving is TOMORROW! i can't believe its here already...

this year we have so much to be thankful for!! i remember hoping last year that we would have a kiddo through foster-to-adopt or be on our way to starting a family the old fashion way by this thanksgiving. and it looks like those hopes have come true! while we may not be R & P's permanent family, we do have the opportunity to share our family with them as long as we can. i am looking forward to showing them how we do thanksgiving...they should be in for a fun ride! we usually have 4 houses to go to - my parents', ryan's mom & stepdad's, ryan's dad's extended family, and ryan's stepdad's extended's a very busy time of the year! this year, we not going to ryan's dad's family since that would be way too much on the boys (and us!).

so, here are just a few of the many things i'm thankful for this year:
*ryan - 'nough said. he's more than a great husband, best friend, dad, etc. i love his eternal perspective and watching him be a role model for our boys. he keeps me sane, grounded and centered, and always points me back to Christ when i get off track. i could go on all day about him, but i'll spare you the mushy details :)
*R - it brings me a new kind of joy to see him feel settled, comfortable and safe in our home. his laugh brightens my day and i love it when we can be goofy with each other. i love seeing him open up and fall into place with our family and routine. i am grateful for the alone time we spend driving from place to place because it gives us time to chat and sing country music together!
*P - i will always cherish our mornings together before i go to work, especially seeing his big smile when i get him out of his crib. i love being able to take care of him, make him laugh, and hear him babble like we're really having a conversation.
*our families - we have such a strong network of love and support. i have never wondered where either of our families stood on us being foster parents (*or anything else in life!!) - they have openly supported us and voiced any concerns they have. they are the first people we call when we need prayer, ideas, advice, etc. we're obviously new to this parenting gig but the support we get from our families is uncanny. we could not do this without them!! they also love us for who we are, no strings attached.
*my sister - our relationship has grown so much over the years...she's no longer my bigger, annoying sister who wouldn't give me the time of day. she's now one of my best friends despite our shortcomings and disagreements from time to time. i can depend on her and tell her anything. i am also so thankful that her biopsy for thyroid cancer came back negative.
*ryan's new job - thinking about past christmases and how much time i spent without him, i'm so grateful for ryan's new job. despite a struggling economy, God provided the right position for him at the right time. we now can spend time together on the weekends, travel and do many more things that we could not do in the past. the job is also providing for us to live comfortably but not so much so that we can lose sight of Who is really providing for us.
*my job - i'm so thankful that i work for an understanding boss who allows me the flexibility required to also be a foster parent. there have been countless appointments, meetings, etc. that i have caused me to leave work early or get to work late. through it all, my boss has been so flexible even though he does not have to be.
*our church - we floundered for the first 2 years of our marriage without a church to call home. it was miserable. we both grew up in church (*the same church, actually) and so desired to find a church home, but never found anywhere until we started attending fellowship. we know the church, our friends, the preaching, the Bible studies, etc. are true blessings from God for us and many others. it is so much more than just a bunch of people meeting for social reasons. the depth of preaching is challenging and renewing spiritually. we are so grateful for those from the church who have and are pouring into our lives.
*our social workers - we know many others in the foster care system that have less than helpful social workers, so we have been truly blessed. both our worker and the boys' worker seem to care about the boys and have been pretty helpful and available so far. while i know we're still just in the very beginning of this process and may feel differently later, i'm grateful for them right now.

there are so many more things, but i don't have time to go on forever. basically, i know that i am really blessed, and more importantly, that all these blessings come from God! i am most thankful that God has control of my life and has a plan for me. i cannot even verbalize how many time the Lord's provisions have been more than enough. He is such a good God and i'm so thankful that He loves me despite my imperfections, shortcomings, and mistakes. while i know i am not perfect, He is and His love is sufficient for me.

i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and friends!!