Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pictures of a place i love

i just want to share with you all some pictures of afghanistan posted by the denver post. these pictures are mostly from the perspective of the US military, as they were taken by david guttenfelder - a photojournalist embedded with troops in afghanistan but they give a good overall picture of life in afghanistan now.

go here to check them out. *also, for those news junkies like me, you may recognize one of david's pictures...it's of a solider taking shots while wearing his pink "i love new york" boxers after having to rush to his position from his sleep.*

many of the pictures capture how destitute the situation really is in afghanistan. there are many pictures that gripped my heart...particularly the one of the children playing in the prison courtyard and the one of the Afghan refugee drug addicts. although i know its hard sometimes to connect with a picture, please remember that these aren't just images, but are actually real people with real needs. they deserve better than the lives they are living and i hope our country continues to see that they get better. please remember the afghan people as you pray. we face many troubles and hardships in america but many of them are nothing compared to the daily lives of afghans.

if you are interested in learning more about how to help the people of afghanistan in an easily quantifiable way, please consider giving to sozo international. you can give one time gifts, including food for a refugee family for $100, medicines for one of the 4 sozo clinics around the kabul area for $50, or school supplies for street children for $25. you could also consider giving an alternative gift this christmas. for $25, you can purchase an ornament made by a widow in a refugee community called barek aub. the $25 donation goes to continue funding the important work of sozo international in afghanistan, while also employing a widow and helping her feed her family.