Monday, November 30, 2009

turkey day wrap up

we had a great thanksgiving!! we ate lots and lots of food, shed some tears as always during the "i'm thankful for...", had lots of laughs and just enjoyed spending time together. however, i think one of my favorite memories from this year is from wednesday night. R was grounded from tv, video games, computer (*yes, again.) so he was allowed to read, lounge around or hang out with me in the kitchen. surprisingly, he chose to hang out with me!! i was busy making 2 pumpkin turtle pies, 2 green bean casseroles, and 2 corn puddings. with 3 thanksgiving dinners ahead of us, we had lots we needed to contribute. so, i tasked R with helping me dump in the ingredients, stir things, open cans, etc. and we both had a great time!! we were very busy laughing and making a mess, all while torturing ryan with the blaring Christmas music from my iphone. it was great!

we also had lots of fun introducing the boys to all the new faces of our extended families during the festivities. P was eating up all the attention and being his usual adorable self. he even christened a few family members with some of his acid reflux action and they still loved him! R made some new friends with some of the other kids around his age too. it was really exciting to see them fit right in with everyone, and to not have to worry about Christmas being ackward for anyone! R said that he was thankful for being able to meet so many new people.

anyways, it was a great holiday weekend and i will cherish these memories for a long time! now, it's officially Christmastime :) WOOHOO!! we've started to get the tree up but probably won't get it finished until later in the week, but i can't wait. Christmas with kids is the best!