Thursday, June 4, 2009

better late than never

all i can do at this point is apologize. i cannot even remember the last time i blogged, and for that, i am very sorry!!! it seems like the month of may flew by without me even noticing it. we have been more busy than normal so the time for blogging has just been non-existent. thankfully, since the days have been speeding by us, we are already on the home stretch of our approval for foster-to-adopt and ryan has successfully started his new J-O-B.

so, since so much time has passed, i will give you the footnotes version of all things sweeney:

-tonight we have pre-service class #8, which means only 1 more of these blessed classes left! (i cannot tell you how excited that makes my sweet husband. needless to say, thursday is not his favorite night of the week.)

-we have already completed 1 of the 2 classes to become a concurrent planning family (meaning fostering with the intention of adopting), and will complete the final class on july 7th

-we had our first home visit on may 19th and will finish up with our second one on june 16th

-at our first home visit, we met our social worker and absolutely loved her!!! this is seriously an answer to prayer because social workers can definitely make or break your experience so we are blessed to have one that we love and click with

-we have decided to wait to start accepting placement calls until august 3rd because we will be going on vacation from july 17th to 26th, and i have attend a conference from july 29th to august 2nd

-our nursery is filled with all the basics - crib, changing table, glider, bookcase, lots of baby boy clothes (keeping our fingers crossed), stroller, car seat, jumperoo, etc. so we're as prepared as we can be to get a call

-we have agreed to accept either an infant, under the age of 1, or a sibling group of 2 children, if there is an infant involved

-WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED!! bring on our little whinning, crying, snotty precious bundle(s) of joy :)

*ryan's big boy job:

-ryan began his job last week and really seems to love it so far! the people he's working with are great and he really enjoys learning a different type of sales

-he's been busy learning lots of new software and a bunch of technical jargon that i don't understand, but his head's not spinning every night when he gets home, so he must be doing alright

-it's been a major adjustment for both of us with his new schedule, but mostly in a good way - we're just not used to fighting for our shower in the mornings or getting on each other's nerves from spending too much time together...

-he made his first sale yesterday! go baby go!!

-we're planning on going to boston in the next few weeks to get his work truck hooked up and to have a mini trip to boston (and hopefully to catch a redsox game)

-he'll kick off his real work travel though with an expo in las vegas in early july

*other sweeney activities:
-after several hours of sweat inducing labor, lots of dollars thrown down the drain, and a few mini-arguments our blasted pool is no longer a murky green color!! we've even swam in it twice and are hoping to kick off a summer of pool parties this weekend :)

-we went to churchill downs to hang out with some of our besties a few weekends ago, and we came home -$18...i guess it could have been worse! plus we got the hook up with some sweet box seats thanks to our dear friend EB. thanks girl!!

-in july, were planning a mega vaca to include a few days in georgia for our annual family reunion/camp meeting and then heading on to sandestin with our lovely friends josh and cheryl. i can't even put into words how excited i am about this! here's a sneak peak of where we're going:
-ryan and i have taken up walking in the evening. it's quite hilarious so if your lurking around our neighborhood at about 10 p.m. at night, check out our sweet power walking moves - complete with our two 70+ pound dogs in tow :)

-my 24th birthday is coming up next week, which means my sister's 29th birthday is also coming up since we share a b-day and all. anyways, i can't believe that i'm gonna be 24, much less that my sis is only 1 year from 30! geeez, what an old grandma she is :) j/k

**well, that's all the updates i have for now. i know better than to make any promises but i hope to be a more faithful blogging friend in the future. much love!