Thursday, June 18, 2009

now we wait...

yesterday i was so caught up in the details of everything going on that i really didn't stop and celebrate the significance of finishing our last home visit. now we basically wait..."wait for what?", you ask. well, to be APPROVED!! our SW said that barring anything major, she would have the rest of our home study typed up and in her supervisor's hands yesterday. i can't believe it! we thought our home study couldn't get passed on until we'd finished up our last concurrent planning class, which is july 7th. oh but no. our SW even said that if the approval process had no hiccups and went extremely quickly, we could be approved before we even finish up that class! now, i seriously doubt that would actually happen because i think her supervisor technically has a month to look over everything, but it does feel good to be on the home stretch.

ryan and i thought that we should wait to go on the list for calls until after august 3rd because of work commitments and our vacation, but our SW said that she didn't recommend that. she said to go ahead and get on the list, and if we start getting calls before august then we can always say "no" if we can't actually handle a placement right at that moment. while, i doubt everything will actually happen that quickly for us, the thought really freaks me out! she told ryan and i to enjoy every minute of our freedom while we can :)

so, what should we do with our freedom this weekend? got any ideas?