Monday, June 8, 2009

counting down

(me, mom and jenn on our b-day last year)

i'm in the mood for countdowns today, and here are some big ones that i've had on my mind lately:

-3 days until my 24th birthday (and my sister's 29th - needless to say, i'm loving teasing her about being practically 30!)
-3 days until we're done with our pre-service training
-7 day until sam's case goes back to court (please be praying, praying, praying for a major turn of events and for the judge to see through his bio mom's manipulation and lies...)
-8 days until our 2nd home visit/safety inspection
-23 days until our 3rd wedding anniversary
-29 days until our final concurrent planning class & we're officially done with all required training for this year
-40 days until camp meeting in georgia (in case you haven't heard me talk about this basically all my life, this has been a family tradition since sometime in the early 1900's - i mean, for my family that is...i'm not that old - see countdown #1)
-43 days until we join our friends in the beautiful sandestin for some r&r
-56 days until we begin accepting placement calls & begin extending our family!!

hmmmm...i'm beginning to think that i could be wishing my summer away already, maybe i should re-evaluate :)