Friday, June 26, 2009

show us where you live friday - master bedroom

i just started following the wonderful blog, kelly's korner a few weeks ago. every friday she does a showcase of homes, where different bloggers link rooms in their homes for everyone to see.  i think it's a great way to get new decorating ideas and to check out other people's digs.  anyways, this week kelly is featuring master bedrooms, so i decided to join in.  here's a few quick pics of our place (please ignore the ceiling fan pulls in the pictures!):

and now, for the best part of the room...

one of our favorite roommates - yawkey :)

**edit - i felt guilty for not posting a pic of our other favorite roommate, fenway, so here he is:

our master bedroom is sadly the room we've probably put the least amount of work into, but it works for now!  when we moved in a year ago, we were in the process of completely renovating our kitchen and office so our bedroom kinda got the backseat. hopefully, over the next few months, i can put some more finishing touches on it.  hope you enjoyed a quick view of our place.  come back next week for the next edition of show us where you live friday!



A Wedding Story said...

Cute blog! Yawkey is too cute!

Nancy said...

I love your tv above the dresser! Oh and I so wish I had wood flooring :) Very nice! Thanks for sharing :)

Grasso10 said...

Love the TV above the dresser and the monogram above the bed. Thanks for sharing.