Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bags are packed :(

well, i guess it's already time for this trip to come to an end! it seems much shorter than what i was thinking... my bags are all packed up and i guess i have no choice but to head home. saying that i have really enjoyed my time here is an understatement. i have loved everything about this experience and would gladly come back!

there are so many images that i will store in my mind from this beautiful country forever. i especially loved finally getting to see I. Community yesterday. the views from the village are breathtaking and it was so encouraging to see how successful we have been with our clinic and our CDE (community development education) program there. i got to travel there with one of our CDE trainers and a doctor, both who are afghan ladies on our staff, and i enjoyed their company and getting to know them better. i was actually surprised when the doctor began asking me questions about prayer and "my book" (aka - the Bible). i got to share a little bit with her about my beliefs in a non-threatening way, and i know that was definitely a God appointment. please be praying for her and that God would use some of the things we discussed to make her more curious about Him!!!

this morning, we woke for our last breakfast in the guesthouse and it kinda made me sad. this place is almost surreal in many ways so i'm not sure i'm ready to return to reality yet...or take the 15 hour flight back from dubai to atlanta :( i didn't take nearly as many pictures as i would have liked to but i hope to post some when i get home. i'm not sure if i'll have internet this time around in dubai but we will see! please pray that our flight goes well and that we all make it safely to our destinations...