Monday, August 25, 2008

choas strikes

so by now i hope that you've figured out that i've made it home safely! unfortunately, since i arrived on friday, i honestly haven't had a moment to even think about updating... our travels home went smoothly and all the flights were pretty pleasant. i was even able to sleep a great deal of the time during our 15 hour flight thanks to jody's advil p.m. :)

when i arrived home, i was pleasantly surprised to see ryan waiting for me at the airport. i was expecting him to be working but he was able to convince his boss to let him leave to pick me up. sadly enough, that was really where the pleasantries ended! from the airport, we went straight to the hospital to see my uncle chuck (my dad's brother), who has been losing a fierce battle to lung cancer for the last 9 months. after talking to my family via skype from afghanistan, i knew that he was in the hospital but i really had no idea the extent of his stay. once i arrived at the hospital, my parents and ryan sat me down and discussed his prognosis and what to expect. needless to say, it wasn't good. he hasn't really been conscious or even opened his eyes in nearly 6 days now. since he has a living will that says he does not want life support, we are basically just waiting out the inevitable at this point. it is a really hard time for my family, who have come from all over the south to be together, but we know where he is going is much better than here!! it seems like this has really hit us all hard but especially my dad and papaw. please pray for them to have peace with the decisions they are having to make and for my papaw's alzheimer's to calm down so he can fully understand the reality of the situation.

in other family sister and her husband jason are getting a new addition today!!! they are taking at least temporary (but hopefully some day full) custody of jason's cousin's baby, little samuel. unfortunately, jason's cousin cannot take care of the precious boy right now and so they are opening up their home and family to him. born last week, at a little over 5 lbs., he is adorable!!! he's been in the NICU at UK hospital undergoing de-tox and treatment but the doctors believe he is now healthy enough to come home. i know this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for my family, especially because we all love kids so much, but its good to know that God has truly orchestrated for little samuel to be with us right now. we will cherish him and love him for as long as we can!! there is a custody hearing on september 3rd but we have no reason to believe that he will be turned over to his birth mother at that time. if you could pray for protection for samuel and his best interest, as well as clear minds for my family, i would really appreciate it.

well enough drama for one entry! here are some of my favorite pics from the trip, enjoy!!

(water pouring from the deep well we dug in B.A. Community)

(my sweet new friends...the older girl even gave me a kiss on the cheek when i left)

(more kids from B.A. & their new school in the background!!)

(view from the clinic in I. Community)