Thursday, August 28, 2008

family ties

as most of you already know, my uncle passed away on monday night while in the palliative care unit of baptist east hospital. thankful, sunday night, after everyone else had left the hospital for the night, ryan and i got a whim to go back up there and spend some more time with him. he was very peaceful and seemed to be getting some quality rest after a busy day of visitors coming in and out. we just sat quietly with him and held his hands until about 11:30. we both knew that he was going to pass away sooner or later, but i guess we just didn't guess that it would be so soon. my aunt susan, cousin amber and grandparents were there with him when he left for heaven, so i was glad to know that he wasn't alone. we had a service for uncle chuck last night in crestwood, where he's lived for as long as i can remember, and it was nice to see everyone who came out and said goodbye. uncle chuck had no kids of his own so in some ways, he was like a second dad to me. we spent a lot of time together when i was younger and it makes me wish we had more time to spend together now.

it has been a really tough week for my family, but it makes me appreciate how tightly knit we are. situations like these also solidify in my mind that come hell or high water, my family will see me through anything.