Tuesday, August 12, 2008

anxious are we??

so at church on sunday (http://www.fellowshiplouisville.org/) our teaching was about being anxious and the different types of anxiety...1- the kind that can be beneficial for getting off your butt and doing what you're supposed to do; 2- the kind that can cripple you and cause you to take your eye off of God's Will for your life. anyone who knows me very well, knows that both types have played large roles in my life! i can remember being excessively fearful and anxious even when i was a child. i was never the daredevil type, even to the point where i never rode my bike without holding onto at least one handlebar. some of my friends have nicknamed me "safety-mom" as i can frequently be quoted as saying, "that's not safe!!" well all this to say, that leaving for afghanistan tomorrow is something that i never thought that i, being the "safety-mom" and all, would ever do...(and ryan either!!)

while a trip to afghanistan is far more dangerous than a hands-free bike ride, i can truly say that God has given me a peace and assured me that He has called me to go. the doors that opened to lead me down this path are too obviously the work of God's hand for me not to trust Him, even if my gut sometimes tells me otherwise.

anyways, i got to spend some quality time with my family sunday night at my parents' and then at the herde's last night, so now all i have left to do is finish up some final packing. i cannot wait to finally experience for myself all the smells, sights and sounds that i've heard and read so much about in the "land of diesel"!!

please be praying that i will have a safe and uneventful trip, especially as i will be traveling alone to dubai. i am not too excited about the 15 hour plane ride but hopefully delta will offer a nice variety of movies that i haven't already seen :) pray also for the other members of our staff that are traveling from sri lanka and the team that is traveling from poland. finally, please pray that everything i need will fit in my carry-on. i am not a light packer so this is quite a challenge for me, but i'm up for it! (i just hope i don't forget anything important: toothbrush - check, clean underwear - check, long-sleeved shirts, pants, long-skirts - check...)

i hope to keep everyone updated on my daily activities while there because we have wireless in the guesthouse, which is a luxury that i haven't even had at home since we moved back 3 months ago!