Thursday, December 9, 2010

a poll

i'm taking a poll. do you think baby s is a little bows and tutus kind of girl or a little dump truck and dirt type of boy?

now's your chance to voice your opinion!! see the poll on the right sidebar? well, VOTE!

i think it will be interesting to see if you're right :) we go to the doctor on friday to find out one way or another but we're not finding out at the appointment! ryan and i are going to have the ultrasound tech write our results in an envelope and we're going to find out together with our family sunday night at our "gender reveal party". cute idea, huh? totally unoriginal on my part though!! we got the cute idea from some friends in our small groups' sister. here's ginny's cute post about her sister's reveal party.

so, you have until midnight on sunday to cast your vote. by then we'll definitely know one way or another but i'm guessing i probably won't get a chance to blog about it until monday.

happy voting :)

ps - we seriously are happy either way but it's fun to debate about!!


Amber said...

I guessed girl...without knowing how you're carrying or craving or what YOU feel he/she is...I guessed girl because you're getting Greer and to have a boy and a girl would just be splendid. But listen, who am I to talk? I have THREE BOYS! LOL!! If you end up with two boys, you're going to have a BALL!! But I was secretly hoping to see some bows and ponytails and dresses for you while Ryan gets his extra little man around the house :) This is such a fun time for you guys!


Love the "gender party" idea. Someone we know is having the ultrasound today and the tech is sending the results to a bakery. Next week they are having a gender party and when they cut the cake, it will be dyed blue or pink. So fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a gender reveal party. I first saw it on hwtm blog ( and have kept in the back of my mind ever since. Hopefully I'll get to have my own par-tay one day. ;o)

Mitch & Erin said...