Monday, December 27, 2010

the 2nd best christmas gift ever

wow. what an amazing christmas we had this year! no, it's not because of any of the presents we received or gave, but it's only because of our immense and undeniable love for our awesome God and our amazing new son. seriously, our little greer is the 2nd best christmas gift ever!!! {the 1st being the gift of our sweet Savior, of course!}

isn't he a doll?!?!

i'm still somewhat in shock that we passed court and that everything went so smoothly. thank you, dear Lord!! i also can't believe that our first trip is already over and it's almost been a week since we passed court. we are praying that the next few weeks pass quickly as we wait for our embassy appointment to go back and bring greer home, but i've got plenty of stuff to do before our little man makes his appearance in the US!! i'm sure the next few weeks will be spent in full on painting mode as we try to prepare greer's room for him and also turn another bedroom into a playroom for him and baby S.

we've heard that we could be getting a possible embassy date around february 23rd but we are holding to that date very loosely. it has been our prayer all along to not only pass court before the end of 2010, but also to bring greer home in february so that i can still travel with ryan to get him. at last check, my doctor would prefer for me not to travel after march 15 because of my pregnancy. i think i would be devastated if i can't go back, but i am trusting that God's plans are more perfect than any of our plans.

celebrating christmas was a little bittersweet without greer home, but i'm so thankful to know that he's in a really great place with caregivers that love him to death while we wait to bring him home. it is also such a comfort to know that while we are away, God is still sovereign and is taking care of all his needs while we can't. it is our prayer that during this time apart, God is whispering to our sweet son in his dreams about his mommy and daddy, and our love for him. we can't wait to hold him again soon and to finally be together as a family once and for all!

ryan and i are recovering pretty well so far from the jet-lag, but i think that's mostly because of the timing of our return. we got home at 6:30 p.m. on christmas eve and had to hit the ground running with all the holiday festivities so we haven't had time to worry about the time adjustment. i'm also feeling really great recently with my pregnancy, and know that my good health is a gift! up until when we traveled, i was still getting sick {aka vomiting} at least twice a week but i haven't gotten sick since we left for ethiopia. praise the Lord!! we return to the doctor this wednesday to try again to see the gender of our 2nd child and are keeping our fingers crossed that our child is less modest this time around :)

i cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and sweet words while we were gone!! your emails and comments meant a ton to ryan and i!!!!! we can't wait to tell greer about the people all over that prayed our sweet man home.


Anonymous said...

He is! How awesome that you will have two little ones in your home in 2011!