Saturday, December 18, 2010

we are here!!

Hello from the other side of the world!
Ryan and I have made it safely to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and have officially begun our journey to our son. We had a very smooth but long flight here and arrived about 10 hours ago. We are now dragging and emotional drained, but are loving every minute of being here! We just finished up dinner and are about to have some prayer time with our travel group and then crash for the night.
We were hoping to get to see our sweet Nathanel {Greer} today but were disappointed to learn that he was not moved to an orphanage in Addis Ababa as we were previously told. However, we will travel to a town about 2 hours away tomorrow morning to spend the night and to finally meet our little man :) Today we got to tag along with 2 other families as they met their kids for the first time and it was such an amazing experience to be a part of. We can't wait for tomorrow for that to finally be us!! The kids here are so precious, joyful, and anxious for families to come for them. Just at the 2 orphanages we visited today, there were probably a total of 90 children which is just a drop in the bucket of the waiting children in Ethiopia.
We are all tired and about ready to crash so I apologize for this being short. Hopefully tomorrow night we will have a better internet connection at the hotel so we'll be able to write more and share about our first meeting with our boy! If you don't mind, please be praying for our first meeting with Nathanel. We are praying that God would already begin binding his heart to ours, and that it would be love at first sight!! We are also getting anxious about our court appearance Tuesday afternoon, so please say a prayer for that too. If all goes well, at that time we will legally become Nathanel's parents and will be one step closer to bringing our son home forever.
We are so grateful for you and for your support of us through this process. Thanks for lifting us up along this journey.
Ryan & Lesli


Brooke said...

We are so so so so so excited for you all. Loving the way the Lord works in just knitting together a perfect family for you!!