Tuesday, March 3, 2009

going to "the doctor"

today i get a call from ryan and he says excitedly to me, "we're going to the doctor today!". "huh??" i replied. i was definitely perplexed because we have no plans of going to the doctor today or any day in the near future, at least that i knew of. "yes, we're going to the doctor today", he insisted. i was very confused until finally he clarified, "tonight's the info meeting for foster-to-adopt. it's basically like we're going to the doctor for our first appointment after finding out we're pregnant." :) all i could do was smile at his sweet thought and excitement.

so, yes...tonight we're going to "the doctor", aka - the foster to adopt info meeting!! this is our first official step in the adoption process and i'm sooooo excited! i cannot wait to know what God has in store for our family and to get one step closer to bring our little one home. the excitement has been building for awhile now but to actually get the initial information and start filling out paperwork, makes it all very real! while i know this is not the traditional way to start a family, i am sure that it is just as good as any other way and is the way our Father has called us to do it so i cannot wait to see what he brings from it!! i hope we can meet some other couples going through the same excitement as us and who may be in our same classes this may.

i am PUMPED!!