Friday, February 27, 2009

yay for the weekend!

so this week has seriously flown by!! not that i'm complaining :) i'm just happy that the weekend is here and hoping i can be productive. tonight i'm babysitting little baby jackson, a sweet little 9 month old so his momma and daddy can have a break. he's coming over to our house so i'm looking forward to seeing how i fare for a little while with a small person hanging around. i'm hoping this is something that i will need to be getting used to since we hope to start our foster-to-adopt classes in may! the informational meeting for the classes are next tuesday night so i'm excited to hear more about the program and get started on our paperwork. lately i have found myself staring into our future baby nursery room (we just call it the "junk room" right now, and for obvious reasons!), and thinking about what it will be like to have a little person to love on and take care of. i can't wait, so i'm excited for any practice that i can get!!!

well, hope you have a more eventful weekend than me! babysitting jackson, helping some friends paint, teaching pre-k class at church, and a b-day dinner with ryan's fam are all that's on the agenda for me. i'll let you know how the babysitting went next week :)