Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the paper pregnancy...

well, our paperwork has been officially done for over a week now! i am impressed that we actually got everything done so quickly and am glad to finally get the monkey off our back so we could move on to the next thing. we are also both re-certified in cpr and have our handy dandy cards to prove it :) we are just waiting on 2 of our personal references and then we're ready to turn in the paperwork!!! i'm hoping that we will get everything tonight so that we can go tomorrow on my lunch break and turn everything in. now we can focus on all the stuff around the house that needs to be child-proofed and up to snuff for our safety inspection part of the home study...oh fun!

also, i went out this weekend and bought some fabric to begin my first baby blanket!!! while i was shopping for the material i was having a debate about getting neutral colors or just getting blue stuff. after realizing that they didn't have the lime green and chocolate brown fabric that i liked, i folded and got the baby blue stuff. i guess i can just chalk the blanket up to a little bit of wishful thinking!! i mean, come on, we've got about a trillion little baby boy outfits that my sister has passed on to us from sam, so we've got to put them to use!

anyways, so that's where we are now. i'm so happy to get this process moving along and to know that we have less than 2 months until we begin our classes!!! the finish line is near and sometimes that really freaks me out and other times i just want to jump for joy...

God is so faithful so i can't wait to see where He takes us!!