Wednesday, February 25, 2009

24 things...

(spring break our senior year of high school - 2003)

so today my beloved husband turns 24!! i had no clue all those years ago in our middle school youth group meetings that i was the one God chose to be his wife and to see him through all these milestones, but boy am i happy about it :) now, this is his 7th birthday we've celebrated together as a couple and i couldn't have asked for any one different. so, in light of this milestone in his life and our marriage, i present to you the 24 top practical things i love about mr. ryan michael sweeney:

1) i love that he still loves to watch (and force me to watch) his old high school wrestling tapes & tries to coach his former-self the whole time

2) i love how excited he gets when traveling somewhere he's never been or trying something new ("oh wow!" is generally his phrase of choice when he's amazed with something)

3) i love that he has a very specific meal of choice at almost every restaurant we go to and always encourages others to try it "the ryan way" (for instance: Fuji - filet, exchange vegetables for extra fried rice, no soup but double salad, extra salad dressing on the side for his rice and LOTS of shrimp sauce for everything)

4) i love how easy it is for him to start up and maintain conversations with just about anyone

5) i love that he notices the little things

6) i love that he doesn't mind helping unload the dishwasher, vacuuming or dusting -- the 3 things i hate the most, even if it is his day off

7) i love how pumped up and serious he gets about redsox baseball and uk basketball - watching him cheer on the teams is almost better than actually being at the game

8) i love that he lets me tell him the same stupid stories over and over again even though i get annoyed when he repeats stories to me

9) i love him for his dilligence when it comes to taking care of me and our little family unit - he is such a hard worker when he wants to be :)

10) i love that how excited he gets when talking about adopting and the potential to start our family

11) i love the way he treasures his friends - old & new

12) i love his leadership & his gentle way of loving me into submission even though i may be resistant at the time

13) i love the way that he gets on kicks and takes things to the extreme (ie- his current kick is the show the office **note - his current ringtone is the office theme song, kinda annoying after awhile...)

14) i love how sweet he is to me & that he always goes out of his way to make me feel special

15) i love that he almost always lets me choose what we listen to in the car even though we have such different taste in music

16) i love that he is a cuddler

17) i love the fact that he reallys like working in the infant room at church, in fact, it's his room of choice

18) i love that he is concerned with growing in his faith & is serious about developing his relationship with the Lord

19) i love how hard he worked to finish up his degree even though he was working a more than full time job to take care of us

20) i love that he learns from his mistakes and always becomes stronger for them

21) i love how encouraging he is of my dreams & desires even when no one else is

22) i love how even though he hates cats, if we are at someone's house who has cats, he is always so polite & never freaks out even though i know he always wants to

23) i love seeing him interact with the guys on central's wrestling team - he is so encouraging & fatherly even though he's not that much older than them

24) i love how he pushes himself to become a better man than the day before

well, those are just the first 24 that i could think of! i'm sure i could go on for awhile but i'll spare you all the mushy details :) anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB! I LOVE YOU~


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