Thursday, February 19, 2009

SURPRISE - it's a post!

Well, I wish I could be announcing today that Ryan has finally gotten another job and we are moving on from the wonderful world of HH Gregg, but that would be a lie :( The company that Ryan has interviewed with (twice!) is going through a small restructuring the first week of March, and they want to have him come in around March 4th or 5th to shadow someone and to continue with the job interviewing process. While I'm incredibly excited that he still has this job as a prospect, and a promising one at that, I am sad that it hasn't worked out already! We were really hoping that he could get out of HH Gregg before the sales slowdown that usually occurs in March but unfortunately, I think the slowdown has more than already began!

However, even though the job thing is still on hold for Ryan that doesn't mean that the rest of our lives are still on hold as well! Last night, we went down to the Cabinet for Health & Family Services office to get fingerprinted and have our background checks done so we can be respite workers for our friends doing foster-to-adopt. While we were there, we were able to talk with a recruiter for the foster-to- adopt program and are planning on going to an information session on March 3! I was so excited to finally get some more information and about getting the process started!!

We have been praying about adoption for a long time, but just in the last 6 months began to consider foster-to-adoption, especially as a way to start our family. Since then, Ryan has been pounding the pavement looking for a new job because we both feel strongly about not bringing a child into our family until Ryan can be home more often. His work hours now are so strange that we rarely get to spend quality time together without a bunch of other stuff going on, and know that wouldn't be fair to our kiddos. So we've been waiting until Ryan finds a job to really get started with the program because we don't want to get the cart before the horse. However, we did find out that there will be training classes for the program starting May 16 and lasting until June 13, which should work out perfectly if he gets this job! Granted, we would have to spend our entire Saturdays for 5 weeks at classes, but I think it is worth it :)

So, that is the most exciting news, and really only news, that I've had to report lately! I hope to get a chance to post soon about the amazing journey God has been leading us on to get to this point, but we'll see. I've not been the best updater as of late, in case you didn't notice!