Thursday, April 22, 2010

my husband makes me laugh

i got a call yesterday from ryan. he was driving to ohio for a work appointment and i couldn't answer right when he called, so he left me a message. this caught me off guard because he never leaves messages for anyone. i was immediately concerned and listened to his message. thankfully, it just said that he saw something on his drive that made him think of me. he said to call him to find out what it was.

"oh how sweet!", i thought. in my mind, i was imagining that he probably saw something like a brightly colored patch of wildflowers or a pretty rainbow or something that reminded him so sweetly of me. *humble of me, huh?*

nope. it was none of those things!

i called him to find out what it was that made him think of me on a long morning drive to ohio. his response: a box van driving down the expressway with the back doors flung open. *hmmmm...ok, not really what i was expecting.*

he then went on to tell me that he tried to speed up to get a closer look because he was worried that the person didn't realize the doors were open or something. however, as he got closer, he realized that the open doors were very intentional. in fact, he could see a large group of men outfitted in all black, swat uniforms toting some pretty large guns. he quickly backed off his speeding and called me.

to some, this may seem strange but to me, it made me not only laugh but also reminded me how much my husband really does know me! i guess he's been paying attention to large number of real-life cop shows that i frequently watch or record to our dvr receiver: swat, cops, policewomen of broward county just to name a few. according to ryan, i must love these shows because i'm nosy or something!! either way, ryan's thoughtfulness made me smile and put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning.

after his full explanation, my only question was why he didn't follow them to the action :)


Julie said...

i thought you were going to say it reminded you of that time when the doors on the HOO van flew open on the way to eCampus and our boxes were strewn about on New Circle. That was my first day of work.

Also, if you do end of wanting some tees, let me know!!!

lesli said...

haha, julie - i thought about that too! wasn't that your first week at HOO or something? wow, we really had everything together back then :)

Brooke said...

I adore your husband....and he just reminds me so much of mine!! I hope you all are doing well. we were so excited to get your christmas card and I am excited to follow you in your journey to adopt! I know we will be starting the journey in the next couple of years!! I'm glad I found your blog!