Sunday, September 11, 2011

Both Hands...1 year ago

a year ago today, we completed our both hands project on the home of mrs. lucille. i cannot put in words how much this project meant to our family! we were able to serve a sweet woman and her family, and also saw our friends and family come together to help us bring greer home from ethiopia.

through our both hands project, we raised over $16,000 {including our $4000 matching grant from lifesong for orphans} through this project for our adoption. i know God helps fund adoptions in tons of different and creative ways, and i would have never guessed that this fundraiser would have been it for us, but what a gift!

in honor of this anniversary, i had to rewatch our video today and just cried at God's provision.

thanks to all of you who gave, served, prayed, and loved us through our fundraising process. it was certainly one of the more challenging parts of our adoption {besides waiting to bring greer home}, but God definitely used it to refine us and to show us that He will fund what He favors!