Wednesday, April 6, 2011

some pictures...

if we're friends on fb, these are definitely repeats so forgive me!

our Arise travel group from our first all home with our kiddos :)

this is how i spend most my days now...playing toys with my silly boy still in his pjs at noon. i couldn't ask for a better job!!
falling asleep on his first long car ride. i think he's beginning to get the hang of the whole car seat thing
sweet smiley boy! his 4 tooth grin will soon be a 7 tooth grin because of lots of newcomers
learning to become friends with his 4-legged brothers!
knocked out on an evening stroll. jetlag is not his friend either!



Oh, that last picture is just too cute!

Barry and Amy said...


Amber said...!!! :) Looks like a happy, attached boy to ME! :)

deangraziosi said...

He look so quite. It is something which can be said god gift. Love your blog.
dean graziosi