Sunday, January 24, 2010

the little beaver

as i mentioned previously, P has become quite the busy body. he hardly sits still for one second and loves to be on the go. however, he also loves to pull himself up on furniture and see what he can get into. a few weeks ago, he began the charade of pulling himself up in his crib and standing. he would stand there for a really long time because he wasn't really sure how to get down yet, and most of the time he was happy just to be hanging out on the side of his crib. however, he would eventually let a shriek (or fifty) of frustration when he finally got mad about not being able to sit down. then, a few days later the shrieking stopped. so, being the genius new mommy that i am (*ha!), i just figured that P had finally learned to sit on his own and had gone sweetly to sleep. boy was i wrong! instead, upon waking him up, i discovered that he had found a new hobby...chewing on the crib rails!

now, i knew this would happen eventually, but he only had two small teeth so i figured that we weren't to that point yet, or at least not to the point where he could do much damage. wrong again! those two innocent looking little teeth did some major demolition on his crib. one time when i woke him from nap, his sweet pale face was covered in what looked like dark freckles. upon closer inspection, i realized that it was just tiny flecks of the dark wood from his crib. yikes! so, that was the last straw. i searched the web high and low for a solution for covering the crib rails. unfortunately there are not many decent looking solutions for this problem when you have a convertible crib. i finally found someone on etsy that makes crib rail covers but they started at $100, which was not exactly what i had in mind.

so, what was a girl to do? i didn't want to risk the little beaver destroying the crib and possibly hurting himself in the i decided to make my own crib rail covers. now, i'm not the best at sewing when i don't have a pattern to follow, but somehow i managed and they turned out pretty good. i found some of the same blue and brown octagon fabric i used to make the mobile and added another brown fabric with tiny polka dots. i lined them with a single faced quilted fabric and attached them to the crib with ribbon ties. here's the end result:

(*please excuse the poor photo quality! i took these with my iphone when i had a quick second)
and here he P's twin: