Tuesday, September 6, 2011

crock pot love

i mentioned a few weeks ago about my new found love for my crock pot. well, the obsession continues...

i have been cooking about 5 nights out of the week for the last month, which is MAJOR for me! i've never been one to hang out that much in the kitchen. in fact, i quite like when other people do the cooking {and the cleaning} for meals, but i've turned over a new leaf!

my new love of our crock pot could not have come at a better time for us financially and time wise! i am only working part time now, so our income has been cut a decent amount as of late. going from 2 full-time incomes down to 1 full-time income with a small part-time income, plus adding 2 children has been a little challenging so cooking is a new way to help out our budget. thankfully, i'm really enjoying it!

i love finding new recipes to try and to impress ryan with! and boy am i glad that usually a fully belly is all it really takes to impress him :)

with that said, i wanted to share a couple great links with some crock pot resources in case you need to mix up your menu planning. here are a few resources i've found uber helpful:

*the crock pot girls: http://crockpotgirls.com/
we are having the super easy game time chicken tacos for dinner tonight. yummy!

*a year of slow cooking: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/
this blog is great and she has recipes for everything imaginable in a crock pot, plus her commentary on making things. i personally cannot wait to make the 5 layer brownies sans the coconut.

*the crock pot blog: http://www.thecrockpotblog.com/
this is another fabulous resource of tons of crock pot recipes in case you want to try something different. i've seen lots of recipes for italian/pasta recipes in the crock pot but have yet to try them so i think that will be on my agenda for the week.

if your crock pot is collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere like mine was for the last 5 years, i'd suggest you breaking it out and trying some of these great recipes. let me know if you find any that you love!!

happy crock potting :)


Danielle said...

Girl! I love my crock pot. I use mine probably twice a week, sometimes more. LOVE! Thanks for the links.

Lexilooo said...

I just made a beef stew in my crockpot tonight! It was so good!

Heather Jones said...

Thanks so much for posting these Lesli! :) I LOVE my crock pot and always need new recipes to try!

AmberK said...

Ok, girl...I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna join the crock pot love! :)